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Here's How We Roll

Now that you’ve seen how our whiteboard animation can add value to your business, here’s a peek into its development process: 


We would like to know you better!

This is where you get to tell us what you want. Share your ideas and the key messages that need to be conveyed. To simplify this process, we will ask you to fill out a creative brief for us. This will be followed by a telephone conference or a skype call to help us know more about what you’re looking for. This is critical because the brief will, to a large extent, shape the project timelines, budget estimation and the final outcome. To move things to the next stage, you will need to sign a contract with us.


Our mighty pens get to  work!

Here, you can share your existing script with us. Or, you can also ask us to write one for you from scratch wherein you can share relevant information and inputs. Basis all the information you’ve shared, our script-writer will research your offering, perform an industry analysis and begin the process of writing a script. The script will be written with the objective of explaining your product or service in a simple and engaging manner and will contain details of all the visual elements that will appear in the final animation. We charge USD 79 per for each minute of script (which is around 150 words). 


Who doesn’t love a good story?

In this step, the script and visual elements are defined in complete detail. The storyboard will have a detailed break-up of the voice-over and images that appear in each frame. The storyboard sign-off is critical at this stage because the next stages of voice-over recording and illustration are costlier to change. 


Mic- testing 1-2-3…We do Voice check for your brand

You can share your existing voiceover recording or we could produce a fresh one for you. We have signed up with voice over artists across the globe to give you the top selection of artists in terms of accent and style for your video. The voice-over charges are USD 79 per minute of recorded voice-over. In case you’re not totally satisfied with the speaking style or the artist or require minor changes in the script, then don’t worry. The voice-over artist should be able to accommodate one round of changes at no extra cost. However, changing large chunks of the script that result in storyboard and voice-over re-recording will be charged extra.


Here our artists swing their brushy wands to weave together a magical story for your brand

The illustration process begins in parallel with the voice-over recording to save production timelines. This is where our team of talented designers begin to create all the unique visual elements for your animated movie. 


The fun begins with animated story telling

In this part of the process, all the elements of the storyboard are brought together for animation and later final production. The voice-over, coupled with the illustrations, background music, sound-effects etc.


The final blockbuster ready for release

Finally, your movie is ready to be showcased to the whole world! In case there are any edits that you require to the final video, just send us a detailed e-mail with all the points listed. To be absolutely clear that we are on the same page, we will have a phone call or Skype chat to discuss each change. This will ensure that all changes are covered in one single step. 

We hope that this has helped you understand us a little better. We always strive to deliver world-class whiteboard animations in a competitive and cost-conscious time-frames.

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