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All About Us


We are a creative studio that solely focus on whiteboard animation because of the benefits it carries.

Our deep-rooted belief in the benefits of whiteboard animation, matched with our young, dynamic, lovable creative team helps us deliver an out-of-the-box output that is uniquely designed to meet your business objectives. 

Our talent pool is round-the-clock buzzing with ideas from members who are not just skilled, but also have relevant educational and work experience in different fields such as web-designing, sales and marketing, storytelling, voiceover, illustration, animation and many other diverse fields.


With our wide range of clients across different domains and industries, our videos and stories have touched the hearts of millions across the world, in a span of just few months. Our happiness quotient zooms every time our clients appreciate our efforts and are happy with our team’s output.


You are about to hire a bunch of passionate and talent driven individuals who believe in constantly challenging and improving themselves. Our business and working style is highly specific to our client’s requirements.

Being small has its advantages. We give a lot of  attention to minute, intricate details and try to incorporate all the viewpoints, suggestions by the client for creating the best doodle and animated video. This facet is something that is highly uncommon in a competitive industry such as whiteboard animation and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our relationship with you only deepens further after the delivery is complete. We don’t just shake hands and walk off, but we walk miles with you to make sure you get the desired results from our production.

In other words, we are eager to make you happy and propel your your audiences engagement!


Our mission is to help our client’s grab the audience’s attention in the shortest possible period. We strive single-mindedly to convey their marketing message and story with our rich armory of creative animation videos.

We are proud to offer uniquely designed services based on client’s requirements and personalize their experience of using whiteboard animation to spread their ideas, solutions and services.

Our overarching goal is to send our client’s message in a manner that touches the lives of all the target audiences and makes them act in a desired manner.


We follow a strong work ethics policy and our philosophy and motto is that “Everyone deserves the best.” Expressing your story and thoughts using whiteboard animation is like giving life to your dreams and then selling those dreams to multiple viewers. Doing something big like this requires not only dedicated efforts but also a lot of thought, emotions, and ideas into the creative process. We make sure our clients get the best of what they desire.

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